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This might be a bit off-topic, but that’s fine.

Here is a couple of places I felt like sharing, because I see huge value in them, so in case you were not aware… like I was not until some time ago. Free high quality courses, by professors from top universities.

Offers high quality education, at your own pace, of the topics of your choice.

Great thing. There is a few courses relevant for forex trading, too. Just try and search for “finance” or “psychology” or “markets”. gives some good inspiration. Check it out for yourself.

This blog design and existence is somewhat influenced by Zenhabits. And lots of things the author talks there are applicable and relevant for having the right mindset to trade forex with high quality, so that we can be consistently profitable. for good ideas. I have watching at least one video on my weekly checklist, just to keep learning new ideas, hacks, insights.

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