Trading quotes

Trading quotes

Collection of my favorite trading quotes

trading quotes for high quality trading

This list is a continuous work in progress. I will be adding new trading quotes as I find them.

Persistence is instrumental to success. Most people faced with the early failures of some of the Market Wizards would have given up” – Jack Schwager

Market success is a matter of finding the methodology that is right for you, not finding the one true methodology” – Jack Schwager

Successful traders find a methodology that fits their personality” – Jack Schwager

So what exactly is your methodology? If you cannot answer that question, you are not ready to be risking money in the markets” – Jack Schwager

To make money you need to have an edge and employ good money management” – Jack Schwager

I always want to be better prepared than someone I am competing against. I prepare myself by doing my homework each night” – Jack Schwager

The hard work in trading comes in the preparation. The actual process of trading, however, should be effortless” – Jack Schwager

Trading is about skill development and discipline” – Mike Bellafiore

A man must believe in himself and his judgement if he expects to make a living of this game” – Jesse Livermore

The only time I really ever lost money was when I broke my own rules” – Jesse Livermore

Source of many of the quotes above is Jack Schwager on twitter and his book “Little Book of Market Wizards”.

Books added to top trading books list

I added two new books to my list of top trading books

“One Good Trade” and “The Playbook” by Mike Bellafiore.

See my recommendation added at the end of my post on top trading books.

Both books by the author are very good. While he talks about prop trading desk, trading U.S. stocks and ETFs on a 1 minute charts and “tape reading”, while I trade forex End-of-Day, so a very different approach, but everything about trading mindset, psychology, how to think, how to develop, how to learn – I am finding all of this very relevant and helpful for high quality end of day forex trading, which I do. 

You can also visit their blog.