New resources

New resources and tools I use

This is to share a couple of resources I am using now and I am finding them very helpful.


I now use trello boards and lists as my trading journal. I have a trading “board”, then I have a list for each strategy or technique or system that I trade, and then an “item” for each market or currency pair. As I open each item, I paste chart screenshots and record my comments. It is very visual, very easy to find things, easy to use. It also makes it easy to share charts with a get image URL function.

Portable MT4

I have my MetaTrader 4 installations on And I launch terminal.exe with a /portable option. As a result, it stores the data in its sub-folder only. And box synchronizes it automatically across different PCs I am using.  Very effective productivity help this is for me.  For example, when I add a new script or chart template… it automatically gets added on all my PCs.  And backed up.

I am finding this blog very relevant and inspiring, also authentic. Comments discussions are also valuable.

Password manager

I really got tired of situations where I forgot the password. So I started using a password manager. It gets the job done. Search for a “password manager” and choose the right for you. Open source is a plus, as the community can check the source code to validate the security features.
In terms of my trading strategies… as my approach evolves I currently focus on a flawless execution of two strategies that I deeply backtested, both on a daily time frame, traded end-of-day. One is trend-following type, the other one is shorter-term and based on a candle pattern.