Two great trading books

Two great trading books I’d like to recommend

1. Stocks on the Move (link)
2. Following the Trend (link)
by Andreas F. Clenow

His website is here.

What is absolutely unique about these books:

  • mechanical properly backtested system, fully disclosed, tested on a large sample of markets and long period of time, with great results, with results that can be verified
  • a story how it would likely feel like to trade the strategy, year by year, very powerful, so true… and those who actually traded a strategy will understand this part very well
  • hints on how to properly test the systems: right data, considering dividents, special events; portfolio re-balancing, right benchmark, etc. Plus a unique, and critical, view on Wall Street and S&P500.
I very much recommend them (this is not affilate link, this is an unbiased reco).
I actually am planning to implement the stratgies from the book, on another account dedicated for them.
Again, I really recommend these two books.