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Links and tools that I find helpful for forex trading

My resources

High Quality forex trading presentation

My shared files
Monte Carlo equity curve simulation tool – see how your performance may look like, assuming certain percentage of winning trades and average reward : risk ratio for your trades (link to file, post explaining it)

Random charts – spreadsheet created for fun – uses random numbers generator to draw charts, which look like financial markets instruments charts. What to conclude from ths striking similarity is up to you 🙂 (link)


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General links and resources

Education sites for beginners and advanced

There you will find beginners trading courses, trading ideas, systems ideas.

Fx street education
Baby pips
Daily FX (this site is affiliated with a broker)
wikpedia on Forex incl. basic definitions and interesting stats on fx volume and market participants
Forex correlations charts can can be found here (you can also visually assess two charts)

MercenaryTrader at is an excellent source of free information on trading, trading psychology and beyond. I got some breakthrough insights from there, things that are not talked in 50 diffrent books, but are true & very helpful.

Following the Trend is a site full of excellent quality trading resources, comments and other materials. It includes a couple of trading system rules and a links to book by the author, which I think are great ones… on my to-read list at this time.


Forex Factory calendar for news releases such as economic data. Includes charts with historical reading as well as explanation what this data is.
Reuters news
Market watch focused primarily on U.S. stock market, but still may be an interesting site.
Zerohedge alternative news and comments with a dose of skepticism towards mainstream media.

Note I am not recommending to trade the news. I recommend looking at how the market reacted to news to see sentiment.
None of this is affiliate links.

Other links

Zen Habits blog for buidling habits, meditation, focus, simplicity guidelines. 

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